Kalari Treatment

Kalari Treatment Kalari treatment is mainly the Kalari Uzhichil or Kalari massage. This is done in three different ways

Standing Massage In Kalari language this is called “Nirthi Uzhichil”. During this Uzhichil the patient need to observe any strict regime. The patient can leave his freedom of choice of food and may indulge in normal life patterns.

Lying down massage with hands During this massage period, the patient has to observe certain rules and regulations and abstain for non-veg diet or other activities which are detrimental to the body and mind.

Lying foot massage This is really a very deep tissue massage and according to Kalari, this massage system can ward off many diseases coming to the body. The body becomes very supple and this prolongs the life span of an individual. All the aches and pains in the body is relieved.

Purpose of MarmaChikithsa

1) It removes blocks in energy channels called stress

2) It brings Vata dosha to its normal path.

3) It creates physical, mental and emotional flexibility.Human beings after 30, 35 or 40 become rigid – and this happens to animals and plants too. Vata is increased in our body so we experience degeneration. This rigidity can mean becoming fixed in ideas, emotionally, in physical movements – like arthritis, frozen shoulder, blockages in the neck, or tightness when people get up in the morning. Kalari Massage can change all this.

4) It brings an opportunity to experience powerful and dynamic transformation at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. With Uzhichil this transformation is possible.

Rejuvenation through massage is recommended in Kalari and Ayurveda, By bringing the Vata dosha down, we take control of Vata. This is a main point from our school of thought. So, if we do proper marma, people get physical, mental and emotional flexibility and they start seeing a different way of looking at things.


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