veda-martial-arts Kalarippayattu is an ancient Martial Art discipline of Kerala which deals with armed and unarmed self-defense techniques. These arose from the needs of combat and have gone beyond mere physical self-defense skills. Our Veda Kalari interprets Kalari in a deep philosophical way. the word ‘ari’ in ‘Kalari‘ means opponents. Here the word opponent means one’s own inner emotions like anger, lust, greed etc. These are also the ‘Kala’ of the mind. The word
‘Kala’ means impurities of the mind. Thus we get the sacred meaning of the word ‘Kalari’. It takes years and years to master the art of Kalari. The study of Kalarippayattu is devided into four stages. In the first stage a student is taught how to enter into the Kalari and then the famous ‘Kalari Bow’ is followed by the on-going series of body flexibility exercises. The second stage deals with the wooden instruments. The most important one among them is ‘Otta’. Otta deserves a special attention as it deals with the techniques of mind/body co-ordination and it requires high degree of body flexibility. In the third stage a student learn defense techniques against sharp weapons. The fourth stage is an advanced level where a student learns unarmed self-defense techniques and many strange evasions against attacks.The ancient system of rejuvenating the body with oil massage is also dealt with in the fourth stage. Thus one becomes a full fledged Kalari master.


Class Timings: Monday – Friday Evening 7pm.

Individual & Personal Training will be given on request

Boarding & Gym available at training center with moderate facilities


We provides certificates after completing the courses successfully. For more details and booking

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